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Tisha B'Av Observance at Ohav Shalom 2018

The 9th of Av – July 21-22, 2018

Saturday Evening | July 21 | Tisha B’Av fast begins at 8:27PM
7:15 PM—Shabbat Afternoon Service followed by 3rd meal for Shabbat
9:17 PM—Evening Service followed by reading from the Book of Lamentations.

July 22 Tisha B’Av fast ends at 8:59 PM
8:30 AM—Tisha B’Av Morning Service
10:30 AM Brief memorial service and sacred books
7:30 PM—Afternoon Services

Memorial and Sacred Books Burial
Sunday July 22 at 10:30AM

Jewish law forbids us from destroying or throwing away sacred books, that is, religious books which contain one of the seven biblical names of God in them. We bury human beings with love and dignity, because each of us is a reflection of God housed within the body that God created. So too we bury sacred writings which physically house God’s holy names, also reflections of God. Even when our bodies no longer work, we commend them to the earth to show honor to God’s handiwork. So too, when sacred books and objects are worn out beyond use, we also commend them to the earth to show honor for the words of sacred scripture. In Judaism, things and people may get too old to function, but they never lose their initial sacredness.

On the morning of Tisha B’av, the day of national Jewish grieving and remembrance, (Sunday, July 22) we will hold a ceremony for burial of sacred writings and objects. Tisha B’Av commemorates times in Jewish history when our persecutors robbed us as a people of our human dignity and our freedom. Burying these sacred objects and writings on Tisha B’Av is a distinctively Jewish way to re-commit ourselves to the preciousness of words, ideas, books, and most of all, each human being.