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Sunday Schmooze

April 8, 2018 10am-Noon with Dr. Good

Sunday Schmooze April 8th – Author Michael Good:
Search for Major Plagge; the Nazi Who Saved Jews

This is sure to be a fascinating presentation and includes a movie trailer for the upcoming recently filmed movie. No charge for Sunday Schmooze events. Donations to help defray the cost associated with these programs are gratefully accepted.

We are excited to have Michael Good MD present the story of The Search for Major Plagge, telling of his quest to find the mysterious German officer who saved his mother and 250 Jews from at the HKP slave labor camp during the Holocaust. Part detective story, part historical quest Good will relate how he discovered the enigmatic officer that his mother had credited with saving her in the midst of the genocide in Poland. Who was Major Plagge and what drove him to make such a startling departure from the actions of other German soldiers carrying out the Holocaust in Vilna?

At the invitation of the Jewish Cultural Museum and the City of Angsburg, they joined together with nearly 100 members of 11 families from all parts of the world to trace the memories of their ancestors and participate in the ceremony to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Great Synagogue of Angsburg.

This personal and poignant story is especially compelling today as we face an increase in antisemitism, and displays of hate and prejudice in the U.S. and beyond.

After years of research-interviewing survivors, working to open German files untouched for fifty years, following every lead he could, Good was able to tell the amazing tale of one man’s remarkable courage. Due to his efforts, Karl Plagge joined Oskar Schindler as a “Righteous among Nations,” honored by the State of Israel for protecting and saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust. Michael Good’s struggle the answers to questions that had been unanswered for more than half a century led to an acclaimed book, to international media attention, an upcoming movie and to the affirmation that human beings can resist even the greatest of evils. During a time of increasing antisemitism, nationalism and xenophobia, the stories that Good relates speak to us with new urgency.