Congregation Ohav Shalom, Albany NY     (518) 489-4706

Annual Congregational Meeting

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Updates from:

Rabbi Dan Ornstein
Rabbi Rena Kieval
Synagogue President, Judy Avner
Synagogue Administrator, Nancy Pandolfo


Election of new Synagogue board members
Proposed By-Laws Amendments (see below)

Written Reports will be available from:
Committee Chairs
B’Yachad Principal, Rabbi Miriam Midlarsky Lichtenfeld
Early Childhood Education Director, Sheryl Welton
Light Refreshments will be served!

1. Remove requirement for Board to vote on new members (Art. III, Sec. 1; Art. IV, Sec. 5);
2. Reinforce that all members of BOT shall be members of Ohav in good standing (Art. I, Sec.1A)
3. Creates position of Immediate Past President; changes number of Board members to 24 to accommodate this change; IPP serve as Officer Art. IV, Sec. 1A; Art. VII, Sec. 8)
4. Delete responsibility for BOT to appoint Gabbayim (Art. IV, Sec. 5)
5. Explicitly recognizes authority to engage a Synagogue Administrator (Art. V)
6. Explicitly recognizes authority of President to appoint ad hoc committees (Art. VII, Sec. 2F)
7. Addresses appointments to B’Yachad Board and Nursery School Committee (Art. VII, Sec. 2)
8. Improves language regarding Treasurer’s responsibility regarding delinquent accounts (Art. VII, Sec. 6F)
9. Reorganizes Committees; eliminates a number of standing committees that no longer exist; establishes the Safety and Security Committee as a Standing Committee; decreases required number of members on a committee; meetings as appropriate (Article VIII)
10. Authorizes electronic notice of annual meeting (Art. IX, Sec. 5)