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Our Mission

Congregation Ohav Shalom is committed to the enhancement of Jewish life through worship, religious education, mitzvot, communal outreach, and social action (Tikun Olam). Our synagogue is committed to being a welcoming place where all people feel at home and share each other’s simchas and sadness. It is our mission to meet the diverse spiritual, religious, educational and social needs of our members within the framework of Conservative Judaism and to further the causes of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. We strive to build unity with our fellow Jews of all persuasions and affiliations and the community at large, in a spirit of love and respect.

Our Rabbis

We are Rabbi Dan Ornstein and Rabbi Rena Kieval, rabbis of Congregation Ohav Shalom. We are committed to helping create a synagogue community dedicated to serious engagement with Jewish practice, study and worship. We strive to make this community welcoming and supportive, one that offers opportunities to Jews of all ages, backgrounds and observance levels to enhance their connection to Jewish life and to the Jewish people. We are proud of our rabbinic team model, in which we are both deeply involved in all aspects of synagogue life and in addressing the religious, educational, life cycle and pastoral needs of our community. We share responsibility for all of these, and either of us is available as a resource in any of these areas.

Our Worship

Ohav Shalom is a traditional synagogue, deeply rooted in the laws and practices of the past, while not afraid to see change as an authentic part of our tradition. As an egalitarian congregation, we invite men and women to participate equally in all aspects of congregational worship. We have chosen to preserve the full traditional liturgy in our sanctuary service, rather than truncate it or incorporate a great deal of English. Our primary prayer books are Etz Hayim Torah and Commentary and Siddur Sim Shalom. We provide our members who do not know the liturgy or Hebrew with the educational tools to participate in worship, rather than to alter these important traditions. We also provide a variety of educational modes and parallel worship formats to help all people come closer to Jewish study, spirituality and prayer.

Life Long Learning

“Many Voices: Ta Sh’ma (Come and Hear)”
Judaism evolves and remains strong through its honoring of different perspectives …

Life Long Learning

Hebrew Boot Camp! Get In Shape, instruction for beginners and “drill” for folks looking to enhance their fluency!

Life & Legacy

Help us to secure the future of Ohav Shalom

News and Events

There is always something going on at Ohav! Our calendar has dates and times, and our News and Events page has details and registration forms.

Your Support Matters

Donations support the present and future of Ohav Shalom. They provide our congregation and members of the community an opportunity to honor or memorialize a loved one or friend by making a donation. A list of the funds established by Congregation Ohav Shalom and our members and their charitable purpose can be found here. All contributions are acknowledged in Dash, Ohav’s quarterly newsletter, and to individuals and family members you name as the recipients of a notification.

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